Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eight Eyes

Today Taylor and Lauren got their glasses. They've been anxiously awaiting them. Taylor got a note from the school back in November that he failed the school eye test and I needed to take him into the eye doctor. I put it off for a while but then realized we have vision insurance for the whole family.

Lauren really wanted glasses so I took her in too, thinking they would tell me her eyes were fine and I could tell her to chill about it for a while. Lo and behold, she needed glasses, too. Her eyes are barely starting to go bad, but Taylor's were/are pretty bad. The Dr. said he has to wear his all the time, except for sports. He wasn't even phased by it.

As you can see, they both look pretty darn cute!!

p.s. Every time I look at Taylor with his spikey hair and glasses, I think he looks just like Lewis in "Meet The Robinsons." :)


Gwen said...

Paige was so excited to see your glasses. Welcome to the family!

Carrie said...

They DO look pretty darn cute! I'm awaiting the day for one of my kids to need them. I got mine in
3rd grade, but James has never needed them. Maybe they'll get lucky and inherit his good eyes.

Jen said...

They both look awesome! Jake will be happy to have another "visually challeneged" buddy! :)

Jen said...

Apparently I am "gramatically challenged"! Sorry for the typos...thank heavens for spell check...I type faster than I think!

Osborne Family said...

So sophisticated! I love the new look!

Susan said...

We just got home from our cruise and checked the blogs and found these two really cute kids with glasses. I love them! The kids and the glasses :}