Monday, March 3, 2008

She's 9 Today!!

Happy Birthday Lauren!! Today she is nine!! I can't believe it's been nine years since she joined our family. We've loved every minute of it. She is such a happy child and fun to be around. We love you Lauren and hope you have a great birthday. She was excited to go to school on her birthday, then we'll go to Target to get her cake and then to Sweet Tomatoes for her birthday dinner. More festivity pictures to follow :)


Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!! That must be an old picture since her teeth have been out for almost a year! Any front teeth yet? We'll call you later.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!! We hope you had a wonderful day.

Carrie said...

Happy B-day! Sorry we didn't call, but we were all SO sick (except Eliza, she had it last week). We hope you had a great day, and have a fun party on Friday!