Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unhealthy Air

This is what our air is supposed to be like all week. It's one of the downfalls of having snow on the ground and clear skies. Normally we can see all the way to downtown from our front window, but today it looks like brown gunk. You are supposed to stay inside if you have any lung conditions. Unfortunatley all the boys in our family are coughing non-stop. Taylor was out sick all week last week and now Parley is actually taking a sick day. He NEVER does that. We need a good stiff wind to blow everything out (germs included) but it's not supposed to happen until Sunday. And that's still iffy.


Gwen said...

Nice new blog, cute fam picture. Sorry it's so yucky.

Susan said...

Dad and I went skiing today and it was PERFECT! The sky was so blue and the snow so white in contrast. We could look down into the valley and see the brown air. Yuck!

Kent and Lynette said...

Yeah, it's snowing. Maybe this gunk will clear out. Love your blog Kendra.