Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas pics. (pt. 1)

I'm tired of seeing the santa pictures on my blog so I know you must be too. With the kids off of school, I get NO computer time. Everyone is always fighting about who's turn it is and the minute I get to sit down to check my email, someone is asking me when I'll be done. I'll write more next week when they're back in school but in the meantime, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure. The one of our family is on Christmas day down at my parents house. The other is my parents with all 9 of their grandkids ( I had to bribe Josh to be in it. To get him to smile was pushing it.) We hope you all had a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

We had our church Christmas party last night. It was up in the canyon at a big, beautiful cabin with a nice fire in the fireplace. After the kids had been singing for a few minutes, lo and behold, Santa came! Each kid got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I was so surprised that Josh hopped right up and told him he wanted a "red hotwheels" (WHAT? that's different than the marble game he's been saying for months!). Taylor wants an icoaster (whew) and Lauren wants a Nintendo DS (she dreams big). It was so nice to have Santa come so we didn't have to stand in the LONG line to visit him at the mall. Only 3 more nights until he comes to our house!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Awaited

It's finally snowing. The boys in this house have been watching the weather channel with baited breath. It's finally looking like Christmas. This is only after 3 hours and it's still going - yikes!

Best Outcome

Today Taylor played his best buddy, Jake's Jr. Jazz basketball team. Taylor's team has been undefeated and Jake was so worried that they'd get slobbered (slaughtered). They didn't and they both did great. A tie was the best outcome for both of them, I think.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Hard to be So Cute!

Last Saturday night Taylor was invited to Chloe's birthday party. I had never met Chloe but Taylor was really excited to go because it was an ice skating party. Being the over-protective/nervous mother that I am, I didn't want to just drop him off and hope he stayed with his group and didn't get hurt. He has never ice skated and hasn't even really roller skated. Since Lauren has always been dying to go she got to bring a friend and come with us.

Josh was going to stay home with Parley and play Wii games but at the last minute he couldn't stand to be left out and cried hysterically that he wanted to go with me. Parley's a good sport and he came too for a while until Josh realized it really wasn't going to be fun for him and he got to go have some good "bonding" time with Parley.

Taylor never really strayed from the wall. He and his friend Truman had no fear as long as they always had one hand on the wall. By the end of the night they were wet from falling but actually had some balance and skating ability. On the way home I tried to figure out why Cloe had invited him. I asked if she had ever been in any of his classes, he said no. I asked if they played together at recess, he said no. I asked him why he thought Chloe invited him to her party. After a long pause, and with his head down, he replied in a quiet voice, "It's because she thinks I'm CUTE." And he is :)