Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mt. Bachelor

My cousin Britt organized a trip for all of us to Mt. Bachelor while we were in Oregon. It is big and beautiful but doesn't even really compare to the mountains we have here :)
We all rode the ski lifts up and most of us were going to hike down but it ended up just being Grandpa and us - minus Lauren. When we got to the bottom we were pretty dirty but it was a great hike. You can see that Lauren had fun with Paige and Seth playing/sledding on the snow mound - in July!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't even begin to put all the pictures from Sunriver on my blog. Here are just a few with more to come. On this day we hiked down into some lava caves. It was cold but very fun. It started out with REALLY high ceilings and ended up about 3 feet high. Good thing we don't have claustrophobia. We had way more fun than we deserved!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gwenfest - finale

Jimmy, Lauren, Eliza, Ian, Josh, Seth, Taylor and Paige

I'm behind on the blogging. We just got back from an awesome week in Oregon but I'll get to that later. I need to finish up our week in July when Gwen was here...

I learned that the Clark Planetarium is free (I love free right now). We played around there and then went over to play in the fountain. As you can see, Taylor really loves getting wet.

The last night Gwen was here we went up A.F. canyon to roast some hot dogs (or horse lips as my dad calls them) and also some smores. My dad took all the kids on a nature walk and taught them about flora and fauna. This last picture is all the grandkids - minus Ava (Carrie's youngest). We had such a fun week and my kids were so sad to see it end.