Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthdays and More Birthdays

This has been a fun birthday week. This past weekend we had a big 75th birthday party for Parley's mom. I think she loved it. Almost everyone was there, just a few grandkids missing (missions and school).

Yesterday was Parley's birthday. We didn't party too hard but went out for pizza and had cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Parley!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We survived Halloween. Now the sugar rush has begun, for all of us. We have a great neighborhood to trick-or-treat in where the houses all like to hand out candy. The kids can get a good stash in about an hour. After trick-or-treating we stopped by some friends for hot chocolate. Lauren wanted to go with her friends this year and had a great time and got more candy than she'll ever know what to do with. Let's hope we can keep the braces from popping off. I was hoping she'd sell some of it to the local dentist who pays $1/pound but no such luck. The first picture is from our ward trunk-0r-treating. It's the only time I get remotely dressed up.
p.s. At the party a little girl (about 6ish) was staring really close at my fake eyelashes. I asked her if she was looking at my pretend eyelashes. She said, "yeah, and all those wrinkles around your eyes!" "Those," I said, "are unfortunatley VERY real." Gotta love kids and their honesty! (her mother was mortified :)