Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning 101

I found a good article in the Real Simple magazine on Spring Cleaning. I feel like it's time. It was probably time 2 or 3 springs ago. This article talks about keeping your house clean in only 19 minutes a day. I CAN do that, but WILL I? On the surface it's clean, but my baseboards are yucky, behind my toaster is dirty and gram would be cleaning out the inside of my microwave if she were here :) We've also had a MONTH of sickness in our house so when I was at Costco I bought a huge 4-pack of Clorox Wipes. I'm going to kill the germs in this house come hell or high water!!
p.s. along with spring cleaning seems to come organizing. There was also a good website listed on uncluttering.


Susan said...

Oh yes! I know the feeling. We need to do a rolling cleaning from your house to CB's to mine. 3 hands make lighter work. I forgot to copy down the best blog sites that they researched. Save that for me, please. Love the magazine.

Osborne Family said...

Kendra, I CLEANED my house from top to bottom on Tuesday, and guess what? It's a disaster again. I give up.

Tenos said...
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