Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Countdown to Sunriver

As many of you have probably noticed, I added a ticker at the top of the blog. It is a countdown to our family reunion in Oregon this summer. It is my mom's side of the family and this year we should have 33+ people. It's my grandma, her 4 kids (my mom) and then 12 grandkids, spouses and great-grandkids. It is a blast and we all really look forward to it. Since it's kind of a big production we only do it every-other-year and this is the year, yea! No one in our family actually lives in Oregon, but we all LOVE Sunriver (central Oregon) and it is "kind of" central for all of us. We have some (us) coming from Utah, lots from California, some from Washington State and even some flying in from Ohio. As you can see from the pictures, we get to do lots of fun stuff. Swimming, biking, horseback riding, eating and just hanging out with the fam. Hurry up and get here, July!!


Robert said...

Wow, 4 months will go by in no time I think :-) Mom and I are sure looking forward to it and our family will certainly be the largest one there with a total of 17 (can you believe it!). My gosh, that's half (or more) of the total people that will be there.

Jen said...

Can I pretend I'm part of your family? It sounds wonderful!!!