Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Never Happens

Josh had a fever Friday night. I thought it would turn into something worse, but it never did. Just a fever for about 8 hours. I never knew how high it was because he wouldn't let me near him with the thermometer, even the under-arm one. He never felt too hot, though. So Saturday Lauren was at a friends and Taylor and Parley were at Taylor's b-ball game. I put on a movie for Josh and look what happened. By the time I realized it I ran back to my room to finish the last 30 pages of my book, but he woke-up 10 pages later. Oh well. He's fine and dandy now.

p.s. Parley's mom made him this blanket for Christmas. It's his "doggie" blanket and he loves it. He says it's snuggly :)


Susan said...

How adorable. What movie did you put on for him? No car chases, I guess. Glad he's okay.

Osborne Family said...

Just when I feel like I'm about to murder my children, they go and do something sweet like that! Cute!