Monday, January 21, 2008

For Our California Cousins

We hope the weather is nice and warm and sunny in Southern California. It's pretty cold and snowy here today. We have 12 inches and it's still snowing!! Parley and Taylor went out to snowblow and shovel this morning. Parley loved the small avalanche that happened on our driveway. It's supposed to finally let-up in a couple of hours. Please, oh please!


Carrie said...

Holy Smoke! I hope you got home before all that landed! We have a lot, but not THAT much. Thanks for making the trek down last night!

Susan said...

At least we don't have to look at the brown, dead looking ground. The white is nice if you don't have to deal with messy roads. Glad you didn't have to drive in it last night.

Gwen said...

Awesome! wish we were there! for a couple of days at least, and then we would come home to play at the beach :)