Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caught A Bug

It's not what you think, Taylor's not sick, he caught the READING bug. His first grade teacher is wonderful and sends them home with a different book every night to read. She's been sending books that are "too easy" he says so when we went to the library last week he decided he wanted to try a "Captain Underpants" book like Lauren had been reading. She tried to tell him she was in third grade and he was only in first and that it was a long chapter book. He wanted to try it, and to his credit, he read the WHOLE thing in one day. We went to Wal-Mart and he read the whole time (while sitting in the cart) and the whole way there and back. He kept reading when we got home until he finished it. He loved it and wants more!! He used to read every night begrudgingly, but now he really truly enjoys it :)
p.s. He's supposed to read outloud to someone, so this night he was reading to his bears :)


Susan said...

I LOVE IT! That's the best news ever, Taylor! Reading is so fun.

Carrie said...

He must have caught the Rosenberry bug! That's impressive!

Robert said...

Hey! That's great!!!
Let's start feeding this boy some science books.

Gwen said...

Wow Taylor, you sound like your cousin Paige. She will get a book at the library and read it the whole way home and won't put it down until she's done. Great Job!