Thursday, September 13, 2007

Utah State Fair

Last night we went to the Utah State Fair. This past summer, there were various summer reading programs and the kids decided on one to earn free fair tickets. They each had to read 8 books and mail in the form. Lauren and Taylor each received a free ticket to the fair, a free drink and a free carnival ride. We saw the animals and all the 4-H stuff and then it was time to decide on ONE ride for each of them. Josh wouldn't go on anything without Taylor and Taylor didn't want to go on a baby ride. Luckily they both decided that Mario's Fun house would be, well fun. I guess it was. Lauren had to go on something all by herself. Since she learned she was a daredevil at Lagoon she wanted to go on something big. I'm always a little nervous about the old looking carnival rides but she chose one called Moby Dick. It goes around pretty fast. At first we could see the look of fear on her face, but then she decided she liked it. It was a good "once-a-year" experience for all of us. On the way home we stopped for treats. Josh wanted fries and wouldn't share with anyone and ate pretty much the whole thing.


Carrie said...

James has been working the A-Shed booth at the Fair. We are trying to decide when to go. We really like the demolition derby, so I think we'll go on that day. I hate the rides, but it's hard to get around them with kids. :(

Leslie said...

This is a test to see if I can log on today

Leslie said...

It let me in! I'm SO excited. Somedays I write these brilliant posts (yeah, right) and then it keeps telling me "incorrect password" But apparently it was the username that I was getting wrong. I'm so 2nd Millenium.

What I wanted to say was, I'm surprised you didn't go on the ride with Lauren.

I remember the day that you and I were going on the Demon at The Lagoon and the kids right behind us were complaining because they were going to be in the second seat and we were going to be in the front row. I was just turning around to say they could have our seats when I got a look at how excited you were. So we sat in the very front row and it's a whole different experience when you get to the very top and there's absolutely nothing in front of you and then YOU DROP!!!!!
It was SO COOL and I've always been grateful that you "made" me do it.

Love the Lassie shirt BTW.

Gwen said...

Was the lassie shirt from Paige. I vaguely remember getting it at TJMaxx for $2. It was a little on the small side then, but she really wanted it. I think she wore it once, if it's the shirt I'm thinking of. How did you get away with 1 ride!!! I guess if you start them young they won't complain, or you start them young and all they do is complain (my kids). What good parenting.