Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Favorite Drink

This is my new favorite drink. After watching some health show recently I learned that it's not good to have over 5 grams of sugar per serving. It's hard to find cereal with that or less. The healthy Kashi Crunch I've been eating has about 11. Anyway, I found this drink. It is quite tasty and very low in sugar and bad stuff. I found it on the aisle with the other "healthy" drinks not by the juice or pop.
p.s. I'm eating full-fat sour cream pringles as I type this.


Gwen said...

My kind of sister. The drink looks good, I hope I can find it here.

Osborne Family said...

More power to ya, Kendra! I, on the other hand, just picked Ellie up from the Cragun's party. Ann offered me a HUGE frosted sugar cookie - I thought, "sure, I'll have a bite or two...." The entire cookie was gone by the time I walked to my van. And it seriously was as big as my head.

Gwen said...

I was at the store right after I read this and glanced up the drink aisle and saw the big logo. They were all out except a couple of cranberry/raspberry. Sounded good. haven't tried it yet.