Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kid Friendly

Once you get to Bear World they have a big section, right there for all the kids to see, of fun little carnival rides. There's no escaping it :) Lauren and Taylor had a great time. We finally got Josh to go on a ride and as you can see by his face, he didn't really enjoy it. Taylor was so good to put his arm around him. They also had a cute little petting zoo there with goats (that didn't even try to eat your clothes), a big pot bellied pig, chickens and deer. The deer were all very calm and let the kids come up and pet them. Josh, of course, didn't want anything to do with the animals but I got some cute pictures of Lauren and Taylor and two of the other kids we went with.


Susan said...

What a fun and interesting outing! Great weather. Busy weekend for your family. Glad you got home safely.

Carrie said...

Bear Country didn't have ALL that. How fun!