Sunday, August 26, 2007


When I was two we moved to Germany for a couple of years. My sister Gwen was born there. My dad got a new toy/scanner which will scan slides. Since that's all they took way back when, it's a really cool thing. He's been sending some as he scans and here are a few. I really don't remember too much of Germany, but I do remember the dress.


Carrie said...

So cute! There was one picture that especially reminded me of Lauren.

Robert said...

Actually, you weren't quite 1 1/2.
We arrived in Germany in September of 1971.

Susan said...

The cute dress picture was taken on the balcony of our second place. You played there while I hung the clothes to dry along the length of the house. My WORST moment was when I turned around to see you climbing up the horizontal railings to see your friend on the patio below us! Yikes! I talked you out of EVER doing that again.