Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big 1st Grader!

Today was Taylor's first day of school. He went yesterday to meet his teacher. We are SO grateful we got Mrs. Sponbeck. Lauren had her and just LOVED her. She was sad when it was time for Christmas break. Taylor's a good kid and I'm sure Mrs. Sponbeck will just love him too. He was excited for his first day. Didn't seem nervous at all. He even memorized his lunch code number so he could have hot lunch today. It was also bring a critter day today (stuffed) and wear blue. He was all ready to go!


Susan said...

He's so handsome and grown up that it brings tears to my eyes! His teacher will LOVE him!! How like Taylor to MEMORIZE his lunch code. Love that boy.
Gma B

Carrie said...

He is so CUTE! Happy first day of school!