Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Long to Sunriver

I realize it's school time and I need to post back-to-school pictures. Lauren and Taylor started last week but Josh doesn't start Kindergarten until Thursday so I'll post some soon. Say an extra prayer for Josh that he will go. Seriously, I'm kind of worried about it.

These last few pictures from Sunriver are the "fun" family pictures. Parley always dreads this day but I didn't think it was too bad.

The first one is my whole family with my cute grandma who just turned 90. The one with the kids in the red shirts are all of her great-grandkids from oldest to youngest!

We had more fun that we deserved and can't wait to go back next summer!!

p.s. The last picture is of our lovely blown-out tire. We were only about 3 hours into our journey home when it blew. Parley is a great driver and got us off the road safely. We found out later that the brand new back tires we bought (they recommended) from Wal-Mart just before we left were the wrong size (too small)!


Carrie said...

I usually don't think the family pictures are that bad, either. Not this year. I caught the Parley bug, 'cause I was ready to blow (actually I did, a little). Next year I'm tying my kids together so they can't get away!

Jane Anne said...

I think the great grandkids photo is darling...