Friday, September 4, 2009

It's All Good

All three kids are now in school. Life is good :) Lauren is a big 5th grader and seems to be enjoying it. Taylor is in 3rd and had a great teacher who's father was the head zookeeper while she was growing up. Taylor loves her zoo stories.

Josh did it!! Parley had to take him (the teacher specifically suggested that I not do it). He played with his friends on the playground for a minute and then walked right in. After he said it was "rockin awesome." We can all breathe a sigh a relief :)


Gwen said...

All the worry for nothing! congrats! I love the last picture of josh posing. he's a changed man :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Josh!! Kindergarten really is ROCKIN' AWESOME!! Colton is having a great time in Kindergarten, too.
Aunt Steph

Susan said...

Way to go Josh! I knew he'd like it once he got there. Pictures are terrific. Such happy faces. Lauren looks so much like her mom that it's weird. Taylor is one long legged boy. Have a great year!

Carrie said...

I asked Josh tonight how school was and he gave me a big thumbs up! Lauren REALLY reminds me of you!