Monday, November 24, 2008

Picture Tag

Since there's not too much excitement going on at our house right now, I thought I'd finally do the picture tag that Carrie tagged me with a couple of months ago. I guess it's kind of appropriate now. This was right before Christmas last year (2007) when we rode Trax downtown to look at the lights. It was nice and cold but no snow. Some of us will hope for snow this year.

p.s. It was not a happy night in our house Saturday night when the cougars lost :(


Susan said...

It was pretty wintery this AM at 28 degrees. No wind makes it okay. Cute Christmas time pick.

Jodi said...

I have never made it downtown to see the lights. It is too cold for me. I prefer to see them while driving by. So good for you for braving the cold.

Carrie said...

It's been a long time since we made it downtown to see the lights. It was the winter right after Jimmy was born. Maybe we'll make it next year.
Thanks for playing!