Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Grown Up

It was a sad Halloween day for Parley. Lauren decided it would be more fun to trick-or-treat with her friends than with her family. I drove her up to Josie's house about 5:30 and she and Josie and Kirsten all went trick-0r-treating together with Josie's dad. She had a great time and was even too warm! She got lots of full-size candy bars and full cans of pop. Parley and I took the boys around. We don't usually get too many trick-or-treaters at our house so we just left a bowl on the porch with a note. There was even some still left when we got home.

Taylor was his usual BYU fan, but Josh wanted to be a Power Ranger. I borrowed the costume from Jen and just told him he was a Power Ranger. He never knew the difference :) The lady in the third picture is Josh's AWESOME preschool teacher. She has really helped him to come out of his shell this year. She even told me she takes pictures in class sometimes and he even smiles for them!


Gwen said...

they look great. Does Taylor have fans ON him? And I like Josh's costume because he has a mask on but can see clearly. Lauren looks great!

Jodi said...

I love that you just told Josh it was a power ranger costume. You are so sneaky!

Jen said...

Power Ranger...Motor Cross guy who knows the difference?