Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yippee, Yahoo!!

Yesterday was Josh's first day of preschool. I know I blogged about this last year at this time, too, but it's a big deal with Josh. This is a new teacher this year. Lauren and Taylor both had her and she's awesome!! We've been working with Josh for months on this and if you know Josh, at all, you know that it has to be HIS idea. You can't MAKE him do anything.

The day arrived and he did NOT want to go. He cried and screamed. Luckily preschool doesn't start until noon so we had a few hours to work on it. We started goofing around and I teased him that if he didn't go he'd have to stay home and get lots of kisses from me (most of us know how much Josh HATES kisses.) He decided, after some bribing with McDonalds, that he would go. And he did. And he loved it. And he went again today! His teacher said he did great and even participated in class!!
p.s. this is me trying to be sneaky and take his picture. Heaven forbid he would actually smile and pose for me :)


Carrie said...

Wow! Mom and I were talking about this last night and wondered how he did. Glad it went relatively smooth!

Gwen said...

Great job! Here's to going to Costco, etc, by yourself!!!

Susan said...

One more step of independence....for you both! I'm impressed. Congrats on having 3 in school, 3 afternoons.

Jen said...

Yeah! Josh we are so proud of you.