Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is for Paige

I have a neice, Paige, who loves Eggo Waffles and home made pancakes. My sister Gwen is a good sport and makes Paige pancakes, often. I saw this new pancake batter on Because I Said So Reviews. At first I had the same thought she did, pancake batter in a can? It seems like it would be yucky and full of preservative "stuff." I guess it's organic and pretty tasty.


Gwen said...

Where do you find it? Did you try it out? thanks for the tip!!!

Kendra said...

If you go to their web page (I liked to it in the body of my blog) on the left side you can put in your zip and it will tell you what stores carry it. It's Harmons and Maceys here.

Carrie said...

Gwen, let us know how it goes. I'd give it a try, if Paige likes it. :)