Thursday, April 3, 2008

They Make Me Laugh

I know I will probably think this is more funny or cuter than most of you, but Taylor and Josh have both said things recently that made me laugh....

Taylor: "Mom, can you put neosporin on my knuckles. They are all cracked. Why is my pinky knuckle always cracked the worst?
Me: "I don't know why that happens."

Taylor: "Oh, well, I thought, like, maybe you would know because you, um, like, went to High School didn't you?" "Didn't you go to college, too?"

Driving in the car with some song I don't know on "Radio Disney" kind of blaring...

Josh: "Mommy, this song is AWESOME. Look, it is making my knees dance."

And sure enough, his knees were bee bopping to the music while in his car seat :)


Gwen said...

Very cute. thank goodness you went to high school! :) I was just writing funny things down that Seth says too.

Carrie said...

That's funny! I need to remember to write those things down. I used to bet more on top of it.