Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am somewhat obsessed with "The Biggest Loser" that airs every Tuesday night (tonight) on NBC. I Tivo it and watch it the minute the kids go to bed. I can't just have it on and casually watch it while I do dishes or stuff on the computer, I feel like I have to be totally focused and watch every single minute of it.

Sometimes I'm tempted to gain 200 lbs. just so they might accept me on the show so I could learn more about exercise and eating better. I decided that probably wasn't the best thing :) since I'm already at a higher risk for strokes. I think I'll just wait until these two new books come out. I'm on the waiting list at the library.

I really wanted Brittany to win but since she's now off the show I really want Alli. It's time for a girl to win!! I have a feeling it will be Roger, though. It seems the men with the most weight to lose end up winning. Only 3 shows left!


our family said...

I am also OBSESSED with that show! I am pretty much in love with Bob. (don't tell Mike) I think he is HOT! Do you think he has a girlfriend or a boyfriend? I usually watch the show with a heaping bowl of ice cream.

Susan said...

I'm guessing it is boyfriend..I've wondered, too. Could last night's elimination been anymore surprisingly dramatic?! The producers must have been jumping for dramatic joy. The brothers are admirable in their devotion.

Gwen said...

LALALALALA!! (cover my ears or eyes) I haven't watched it yet. don't give it away mom!