Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday it snowed 12 inches. It was crazy! It was also nice and cold so it wasn't slushy at all. Parley and the kids went out in the front yard and built an igloo. The kids had a great time. They went back out today to play in it. Parley teased the kids that they were going to have to sleep in it. The boy scouts in our area have a winter camp-out each year where they go up the canyon, build igloos and sleep in them. I'd rather get all my teeth pulled than do something like that :)


Gwen said...

WOW!!! my kids are drooling. They want to play in the snow so bad! We bought snow pants boots and hats the other day. Paige grew out of last years coat, so the blue one is her new one.

Susan said...

I wouldn't know how to build an igloo that didn't collapse on me! You can tell we didn't have boys who did Klondike Derbys. If I am ever lost in the woods in the snow, I want one of my scouting son-in-laws to be with me.