Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Last Monday night we drove down to Thanksgiving Point to see their Christmas lights. It was really pretty. They do a good job with about a mile's worth of lights to drive through their property and see. It was snowing lightly but was nice and toasty warm inside the car with my favorite "Josh Groban Chrismas" playing. We invited my mom and dad to meet us there and hop in our car with us since we had room. Dad couldn't make it but Mom came and then invited us back to their house to frost sugar cookies and have hot chocolate. It was a fun "christmasy" night :)


Carrie said...

Those cookies look yummy. We haven't made it to see the lights. Ava doesn't like to ride in the car, so maybe we'll wait until next year. :)

Susan said...

Good to have you here. Glad the weather wasn't too horrible.