Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gwenfest 2009 pt.1

My sister Gwen has been in town from So. Cal this past week. That pretty much means we spend every waking hour doing something with all the cousins. It's fun and exhausting!

On this day we went to Jump on It. I couldn't really get any good pictures of moving targets, but it's pretty much a big warehouse with trampolines everywhere. It's so good to wear them out.

After that we went down to the park and floated in the little creek (or crick if your from Utah County). The kids had a great time and it reminded me of the times we used to float in the irrigation water when we were kids - the things you do for fun while living out in the country :)


Gwen said...

thanks for putting up with us. you really don't have to feel obligated to hang with us 24/7, but it is fun.

Susan said...

We LIKE to hang with the Hardys. That could be a sit-com title! Now on to the full out family reunion! Charge up the camera batteries for P's favorite part: family pics!

our family said...

Okay, where is Jump On and what park were you at? Looks like fun! I've never seen Josh smiling so happily for pictures!!!

Kendra said...

Em, you drove right by Jump on it when you went to Provo. On the right side of the freeway in a strip mall. Just after American Fork before Orem. The park is by my mom's house in Cedar Hills. I'll take you sometime :)