Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls Camp

Parley and I got to go up to hang out with the girls at their camp this year. It was at an awesome place called Reid Ranch. We got to stay in this really cool lodge with at least 20 rooms that slept 6 each with their own bathroom and shower. It wasn't really roughing it.

We did have a rough experience though. We were the first group up for the summer and the horses weren't use to people on them. I had a skittish horse who tried to run a couple of times, but being the rodeo queen that I am (not), I kept him under control. One of the other girls wasn't so lucky. She got bucked off and taken to Park City to the dr. Her dad met her there so we don't know what the diagnosis was but were thinking maybe a cracked rib or two. Poor Katherine. She was tough and said she'd go again if she wasn't in so much pain. She's the one in the big group shot with the white sunglasses on. What a trooper.

The road to the ranch was a little muddy in places. At one point with a cliff on one side and wet, slippery, red clay/mud to drive on, I was ready to get out and walk. Parley got us safely past it but I needed a STRONG drink by the time we got to the paved road. Parley suggested kindly that I might not want to take up a hobby of 4 wheeling up the side of mountains.


Susan said...

Reminds me of the road up to one of our girls' camps! Glad you made it home fine, and had a good time. Wonder how Parley's second half of the week with the young men is going in Zion??? Speaking of being a trooper :)

Carrie said...

Wow! I might asked to get called into YW if we went to girls camp there! Poor girl on the horse. The road you went on sounds like one in NZ we went on. It was dry when we went, but Laurs REFUSED to go with us, because it was muddy/slippery when they went on it last. I still had to look straight out the window and think of how beautiful the scenery was, so I didn't think about the sheer drop off. Bimbo!? that's the word varification!

Carrie said...

I meant Laura, not Laurs. I don't know any Laurs.

Michele said...

That sounds like a fun place! Where is it? Is it expensive? I have to find a place for 2011. We are headed up to the Heber Valley Camp in Aug for camp.