Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Ever

Josh just had his last day of preschool. I guess he's now officially a kindergartener! Time flies. He's actually excited. I just hope that excitement will last through the summer and carry over to the first day of school. Keep your fingers crossed!

This is his teacher, Miss Judie. She was also Lauren and Taylor's preschool teacher. Josh actually had his first sleepover at her house when he was just 6 weeks old and was not sleeping or eating well. She was a lifesaver and kept him overnight so I could get at least one full night of sleep. I will forever be grateful to her for that.

I can't believe we are done with preschool forever. It will be nice to have "free" public school and not be writing out the preschool checks every month :)

p.s. This is his friend, Hayley. They are quite the buddies. In the other picture with all the kids he is standing next to his other friend, Matthew. They have fun playdates that we need to keep up on.


Carrie said...

Do you feel like you've joined a new club? The club of "all my kids are in school"? You're entering a new phase! Good work Josh! Don't your other kids still have a couple weeks left?

Gwen said...

he's come a long way baby! just don't get a puppy and ruin it all :)

Diane said...

So sad preschool is over. :( Definitely have to keep up on the playdates so we can survive the summer!