Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

We had our church Christmas party last night. It was up in the canyon at a big, beautiful cabin with a nice fire in the fireplace. After the kids had been singing for a few minutes, lo and behold, Santa came! Each kid got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I was so surprised that Josh hopped right up and told him he wanted a "red hotwheels" (WHAT? that's different than the marble game he's been saying for months!). Taylor wants an icoaster (whew) and Lauren wants a Nintendo DS (she dreams big). It was so nice to have Santa come so we didn't have to stand in the LONG line to visit him at the mall. Only 3 more nights until he comes to our house!!


Carrie said...

Whoa! Josh is sitting on Santa's lap, AND smiling???!!! Who is that kid?
Eliza started asking for a DS, too, around Thanksgiving (not happening this year).
Looking forward to hanging out with you all in a few days.

Susan said...

Santa has nice connections to be able to host a party in the canyon. I too am impressed that Josh has figured out that Santa is a good guy to talk to at Christmas gatherings. Santa came by our house on a fire engine, we had a parade down to the church, then he picked up Jimmy to chat. And we sat at the same breakfast table with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It was a big day for that 3 year old!

Gwen said...

great pictures! Hope no one is disappointed at your house. Can't wait to ask everyone in person in a few days!!yay!!

Leslie said...

Might it be time to replace the picture at the top of the blog? That looks nothing like Josh anymore. It actually looks a lot like me trying to get my car up the hill in the snow the last two days. Irving Berlin was an idiot- I don't need a White Christmas.

Hope yours is woderful, tho.

Love Leslie