Tuesday, October 21, 2008

U.E.A. (pt. 1)

This past Thursday, Friday and Monday was our UEA (or deer hunt or fall break whatever you choose to call it). Since we weren't going to California/Disneyland with the majority of the folks, we stayed home for a "stay-cation." Friday we went with some friends up to This Is The Place State Park. We've never really taken the kids there and it was great. They had it all decked out for halloween with train rides, hay rides and lots of crafts and candy. It wasn't crowded and the weather was great!

The kids were supposed to dress up, but since it is dirty and dusty up there I didn't want them wearing their "real" costumes. Lauren is dressed up as a cowgirl/rodeo princess, Taylor is a BYU fan and Josh is a rock star with orange and green hair. He loved it.


our family said...

wish i could've been there....