Sunday, August 10, 2008

Early Morning Fun

Last Friday Sandy City had a little balloon festival. I found out through my mom that my friend Heather's dad and brother would be flying. The only problem with ballooning is that they have to do it so early in the morning, especially in the summer. It works best to have the air cooler. The day we went it was a little too windy for them to fly. They all did a great job putting on a show for everyone by inflating. Actually Heather's dad even flew a little. Lauren had such a great time and Bronson (Heather's brother) was great about letting her help pack it all up. She loved it and it brought back great memories for me!


Susan said...

Lauren has the potential to be a good chase crew member! I'm sure Connor would be glad for the company. It's SO worth it to see them launch, even so early.