Monday, June 9, 2008

Zoo Excursions

On Memorial Day we decided to go the zoo as a family. It was cold and rainy but we went anyway thinking the rain would eventually pass. Well, it didn't. It was still fun. Notice the winter parkas... A few days later Taylor's 1st grade class went for their field trip. They were the only grade in the whole school who didn't get rained on during their field trip. It was a fun day. Now, could someone please do a little something about getting a REAL summer here!


Gwen said...

we found summer today!! the only problem is that we are still in school! I was taking Connie and Dennis to the airport today and so I was in the car from 11:30-1pm with the a/c going. When I was trying to decide if I should go up to the school early and wait for Paige I looked down at my temp guage and it said 99!!!!!!!!! WHAT! needless to say we spent 2 hours in the pool today! but we still have to get up and go to school tomorrow :(

Susan said...

What cute little monkeys! Wow Gwen! Wonder why you don't want to move back to Utah. We're still having spring...I guess that's what it is??