Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Today it was 70 degrees. Tomorrow (Saturday, of course) it's supposed to snow. So... today we decided to visit the pumpkin patch. We went with my friend Jen and her two kids. We thought we'd be there for an hour but ended up staying two hours. The kids had a great time.


Susan said...

I'll take on of each of those cuties! So did you get some pumpkins for the carving party?

Gwen said...

very cute pictures. Tomorrow is the Calabasas pumpkin festival. should be fun. it's just down the street at our park.

Carrie said...

Best mom prize again! I don't think my kids even know what a pumpkin patch is. Mom and I are going to go to see the witches, but while Eliza and Ian are in school. :/ Nice mom, huh? Oh, well.